Manassas VA Has Some Outstanding Restaurants For When You Dine Out

Let’s take another look at restaurants in Manassas VA. This would be the third round. There are so many great restaurants there, so I have to give you four more names and a bonus. What foods do you think that you are to be reading about this time? The seat of Prince William County is full of great establishments, and I get to bring you a cafe, always a favorite, for the first pick. Make a note of the following top restaurants in Manassas, Virginia.

Taiwan Cafe is the care that I get to lead off with, and you can find this great restaurant on Centerville Road. Not only do you get the most delicious food at Taiwan Cafe, but you can have it delivered, too. One return customer that reviewed the restaurant talked about Taiwanese fried chicken and pork belly and mushrooms. Kung Pao chicken and many other dishes are favorites of people who have visited this restaurant, too.

El Rey Tolteca is another top restaurant in Manassas VA. El Rey Tolteca is on Sudley Road, and the menu highlights say that this place serves up authentic Mexican cuisine. One reviewer mentioned huge portions, and I like to hear that about Mexican restaurants. You see, I love enchiladas, but I usually only eat them if they are made at home or I happen on a Mexican buffet. Do you know why?

It’s because you get more food when you order fajitas or nachos. Those are my go to menu items at a Mexican restaurant; although, a smothered burrito sounds good, too. We have to get to more of these restaurants. Okay, next up is Deli Depot, and this place is broadly what you probably imagine. Of course, this isn’t just your average sandwich shop. Deli Depot on Center Street is a great place to grab a nice lunch.

The Jukebox Diner is the next place. It is found on Sudley Road, and it is known for menu highlights like meatloaf, liver and onions, burgers, Greek salads and more. One person calls this diner cute, and that is one reason why I like diners so much.

I am moving fast, but I have to get in that bonus pick. The last restaurant is Charcoal Chicken, which is located on Sudley Road as well. Doesn’t barbecue chicken sound good to you? That’s a wrap on this round of top restaurants in Manassas, Virginia.